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-Introductory Lectures
-Lectures on Sexuality
-Introduction to the work of Wilfred Bion
-Bion in Practice
-Introduction to the work of Donald Winnicott
-Introduction to the work of Melanie Klein
-BPaS & Maudsley Lectures

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Introduction to the work of Donald Winnicott (with discussion groups) - Starting May 24th


Currently available courses (click title to view details):


Introductory Lectures Online

This course will introduce Freud’s core ideas and that of his followers within the British Psychoanalytical Society. It is a comprehensive overview on key psychoanalytic theories.

Introduction to the work of Wilfred Bion

This short course will give you an outline of Bion’s core ideas, their theoretical relevance and applications.
This course is delivered entirely online, with optional live online discussion groups.

Introduction to the work of Donald Winnicott

This course will introduce and consider in some detail Donald Winnicott’s central concepts, located amongst those who were pioneering and creating psychoanalytic thinking during the mid-years of the 20th century.

Currently available series of lectures (click title to view details):

Political Mind series

This is a series of lectures that can be streamed according to your interests. This series will focus on the effects that economics and society have in the mind of the individual.

British Psychoanalytical Society & Maudsley - Series 1

A series of lectures and seminars from the Institute of Psychoanalysis in partnership with the Maudsley.
Leading psychoanalysts will give talks on the application of psychoanalytical concepts to clinical work and beyond.
The programme is orientated to be of particular interest to clinicians: psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists and others in mental health and allied professions.


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