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Introduction to the work of W Bion

Political Mind series

Introduction to the work of W Bion

This short course will give you an outline of Bion’s core ideas, their theoretical relevance and applications.
This course is delivered entirely online, with optional live online discussion groups.

Course features

The course consists of short recorded lectures, a transcript of the lectures, study questions, suggested readings and a glossary of terms. 
Students will have access to all of these materials at any time, for the duration of the course 

These features of the course allow students the freedom to follow the course at their own pace. (see 'Course Length' below for more information).

Recorded lectures

Lecture one: Who was Wilfred Bion

Lecture two: Bion’s early work with groups

Lecture three: Bion’s work with patients in psychotic states

Lecture four: The domain of K

Lecture five: Bion’s later work


Here you can watch Mr Chris Mawson introducing his course.


Who is this course for?

Both clinicians and students from a variety of disciplines such as philosophy, medicine, psychology, literature, wanting to expand their knowledge on Bion’s ideas and its applications. Particularly suited for overseas students. There is a Chinese and a Japanese version of the recorded lectures.

Why study with us?

Entry requirements

There are no academic entry requirements, but you must have the technology necessary to enrol in our Moodle platform, which requires a strong broadband connection (around 400kbps - 2Mbps download speed, 400kbps+ upload speed).



Online course only: £85

Online course plus discussion groups and certificate: £180


BPaS certificate for those attending the online plus discussion groups versions of this course.

Course length


2 months – online version only (5 lectures)

3 months - online with discussion groups (5 lectures and 5 discussion groups). Online live discussion group times will be on Wednesdays at 5 - 6.30pm GMT. Other times will be offered shortly.

If you are interested in discussion groups, but are not able to join at the above time, please let us know your preferred time (with time-zone) at

For discussion groups, it is essential that you have a good degree of understanding of English language unless stated otherwise.

To register your place, please follow the relevant link below:

Register for online course only

Register for online course plus discussion groups

Further information


Political Mind series

This is a series of lectures that can be streamed according to your interests. This series will focus on the effects that economics and society have in the mind of the individual. You can watch an introduction to the series by its creator, Psychoanalyst David Morgan by clicking here.

Available now - Click here to view our Vimeo page

Lectures currently available for streaming: (videos are available for one month once purchased, or three months if you purchase the series)

Dr Jonathan Sklar

"Europe in Dark Times: Alterity, Hatred and Prejudice" (50:22)

Professor Joshua Cohen 

"Varieties of Inertial Experience: Psychic Life in the Shadow of the Ego Ideal" (42:22)

Ruth McCall 

"Psychoanalysis and Feminism. A Modern Perspective" (43:06)

David Morgan
"Migration, Trauma and Identity" (43:42)

We are also making the following video available for free:

David Morgan
"The Individual and Social Unconscious" (12:41)

Why study with us?


Individual videos: £15

Series (4 videos): £50

From time to time, we will be offering online discussion groups for £20. Please express interest by emailing and stating which lecture you would like to discuss.

For discussion groups it is essential that you have a strong broadband connection (around 400kbps - 2Mbps download speed, 400kbps+ upload speed) and a good degree of understanding of English language, unless stated otherwise

Further information

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