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Lectures on Sexuality

 Self directed online learning  Advanced level  Access for 3 months  5 video based modules

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    Category Lectures on Sexuality
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    Course Description

    New Prof. Rosine Perelberg introduces the course

    In this course, Professor Perelberg traces the key contributions that psychoanalysis has brought to the understanding of sexuality. Starting with Freud’s revolutionary ideas on infantile sexuality, the course follows the contributions of Klein, Lacan, Green and Laplanche. It examines the importance of the notions of bisexuality and the paternal function to the understanding of the Oedipus complex.

     Course format

    This course consists of recorded lectures, a transcript of the lectures and a glossary of terms. There is also a series of optional live discussion groups led by Prof. Perelberg at the Institute in London.

     Recorded Lectures

    Lecture 1 - Sigmund Freud (50 minutes)

    Lecture 2 - Melanie Klein (25 minutes) Lecture 3 - Jean Laplanche (20 minutes) Lecture 4 - Bisexuality and Homosexuality (38 minutes) Lecture 5 - Paternal Function (30 minutes)

     Entry Requirements

    This is an advanced course and requires a good understanding of psychoanalytic theory. You can find out more about our difficulty levels here.

    You must have a reasonably good internet connection to view our video content (around 400kbps - 2Mbps download speed, 400kbps+ upload speed). 

     Course Duration

    Online course content - 3 months You will have access to all course materials at any time for the duration of your chosen course. This allows you to learn at your own pace and review particular topics as needed.


     Discussion Groups

    Find out more about optional discussion groups here.


     Contact us

    If you have questions about the course, feel free to contact us at


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