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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the courses that I have purchased?

You can access your courses by clicking on the ‘LMS’ button in the top left and then selecting ‘my courses’. All of the courses that you have purchased will be available there.

My card was declined, what can I do?

Please ensure that your bank allows you to make overseas purchases if you are not based in the UK. Also check that: You have only used Latin characters in the address field. Our bank will not process addresses with:

  • Chinese characters, Arabic script or other non-Latin characters.
  • The address you provided matches the address your card is registered to.
  • That you completed the transaction within 15 minutes of opening the checkout screen.
  • How long can I access courses?

    Each course has a different period of access - check the course description page for details. If I run out of time, can I have an extension? You'll have to arrange this and there may be a charge- please email us at: enquiries@psychoanalysis.org.uk

    I have another question.

    Please email: enquiries@iopa.org.uk