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New Penelope Garvey introduces the course

Melanie Klein was an innovative, highly controversial and influential psychoanalytic thinker. She was a follower of Freud but her theories diverged from his in significant ways. She built significantly on Freud’s ideas and also on the ideas of Karl Abraham, Sandor Ferenczi, Ronald Fairbarn and many others. Her work with children opened up new ways of thinking and new avenues for investigation, and these avenues continue to be explored today. These lectures outline some of Klein’s main ideas, many of which caused an outcry at the time, some of which remain controversial and others of which are now part of mainstream thinking. These will also give you a sense of the ways in which Klein’s thought influences practice and thinking today.

 Course format

This course consists of recorded lectures, a transcript of the lectures and a glossary of terms. There are also optional online discussion groups (see below for details).

 Recorded Lectures

All of the lectures are hosted by Penelope Garvey.

Lecture 1 – Melanie Klein, The beginning : Her initial thoughts on the internal world of children and infants (23 minutes)

Lecture 2 – The Life and Death Instincts/Love and Hate . The Positions: the Paranoid-Schizoid Position (25 minutes)

Lecture 3 – Getting a Sense of Reality: The Depressive Position (23 minutes)

Lecture 4 – Developmental and Antidevelopmental Relationships (25 minutes)

Lecture 5 – Aims and Technique (21 minutes)


 Entry Requirements

This is a Beginner/Intermediate course and is suitable for all learnersYou can find out more about our difficulty levels here.

You must have a reasonably good internet connection to view our video content (around 400kbps – 2Mbps download speed, 400kbps+ upload speed). In order to attend the online discussion groups, you must be able to use Skype.

 Course Duration

4 months

You will have access to all course materials at any time for the duration of the course. This allows you to learn at your own pace and review particular topics as needed.



Every purchase of this course includes access to a live masterclass with Pip Garvey.

The first of these will be on the 17th January at 6.30pm UK time.



 About the lecturer

Penelope Garvey is a practising Psychoanalyst and a fellow of the Institute of Psychoanalysis. Her publications include The New Dictionary of Kleinian Thought (Routledge, 2011) and The Klein Tradition: Lines of Development–Evolution of Theory and Practice over the Decades (Taylor and Francis, 2018).



 Contact us

If you have questions about the course, feel free to contact us at enquiries@psychoanalysis.org.uk



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