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Introduction to the work of Donald Winnicott


 Self directed online learning

 Beginner level

 Access for 3 months

 8 video based modules

Discussion groups available


New Angela Joyce introduces the course

This course will introduce and consider in some detail Donald Winnicott’s central concepts, located amongst those who were pioneering and creating psychoanalytic thinking during the mid-years of the 20th century. It also serves as a natural progression for those who completed our Introductory Lectures course.

Course format

This course consists of recorded lectures with subtitles, a transcript of the lectures, study questions, suggested reading and a glossary of terms. The study questions will help you to check your understanding of the course materials.

There are also optional online discussion groups.

Recorded Lectures

All of the lectures are hosted by Angela Joyce.

Lecture 1 – Primary Maternal Preoccupation and Holding (54 minutes)

Lecture 2 – Illusion, Transitional Space and Play (36 minutes)

Lecture 3 – True and False Self (45 minutes)

Lecture 4 – Aggression and the Capacity for Concern (33 minutes)

Lecture 5 – The Use of an Object (32 minutes)

Lecture 6 – Infantile Sexuality (49 minutes)

Lecture 7 – Psychopathology and the Antisocial Tendency (46 minutes)

Lecture 8 – Creativity and Culture (29 minutes)


Entry Requirements

This is an Beginner/ Intermediate course and is suitable for all learners. You can find out more about our difficulty levels here.

You must have a reasonably good internet connection to view our video content (around 400kbps – 2Mbps download speed, 400kbps+ upload speed). In order to attend the online discussion groups, you must be able to use Skype.

Course Duration

Course with discussion groups – 4 months
Course without discussion groups – 3 months
You will have access to all course materials at any time for the duration of your chosen course. This allows you to learn at your own pace and review particular topics as needed.

At the end of the time period, you will lose access to the course materials.


Discussion Groups

This course has discussion groups available. Please register your interest here.

Purchasing one of the discussion group options will allow you to attend all of the discussions, as well as getting access to the online course materials for 4 months.


About the lecturer

Angela Joyce is a Training and Supervising Psychoanalyst with the British Psychoanalytical Society and a Child Psychoanalyst trained at the Anna Freud Centre, London. There she was a member of the pioneering Parent Infant Project for many years from 1997 and also jointly led the resurgence of child psychotherapy. She now works in private practice in London. She is currently Chair of the Winnicott Trust and a Trustee of the Squiggle Foundation, and is an Honorary Senior Lecturer at University College London. She has written numerous papers and contributed to books on early development and parent-infant psychotherapy, and Winnicottian studies. Her latest book is Reading Winnicott (Karnac Books, 2001) and she has also contributed a volume to the Introduction to the Collected Works of D. W. Winnicott (Oxford University Press, 2017).


Contact us

If you have questions about the course, feel free to contact us at enquiries@psychoanalysis.org.uk


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