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Introduction to the work of Donald Winnicott


 Self directed online learning

 Beginner level

 Access for 3 months

 8 video based modules


Who is this course for?

Professionals working in Health, Education or Social Services, as well as students from a variety of disciplines such as philosophy, medicine, psychology, literature, wanting to expand their knowledge on Winnicott’s ideas and its applications. Also serves as a natural progression for those who completed our Introductory Lectures course.

Course content

This course will introduce and consider in some detail Donald Winnicott’s central concepts, located amongst those who were pioneering and creating psychoanalytic thinking during the mid-years of the 20th century.

Here you can watch Ms. Angela Joyce introducing the course

 Recorded lectures

1. Primary Maternal Preoccupation and Holding

2. Illusion, Transitional Space and Play

3. True and False Self

4. Aggression and the Capacity for Concern

5. The Use of an Object

6. Infantile Sexuality

7. Psychopathology and the Antisocial Tendency

8. Creativity and Culture

You can read a short bio about the teacher on this course, Ms. Angela Joyce, by clicking here

Click here to watch the trailer as well as a short conversation with Ms. Angela Joyce

 Course format

This course consists of recorded lectures, a transcript of the lectures, study questions, suggested reading and a glossary of terms. The study questions will help you to check your understanding of the course materials.

 Course Duration

Online course content  – 3 months

You will have access to all course materials at any time for the duration of your chosen course. This allows you to learn at your own pace and review particular topics as needed.

 Entry Requirements

You do not need any specific experience or qualifications to take the course. You must have a reasonably good internet connection to view our video content (around 400kbps – 2Mbps download speed, 400kbps+ upload speed).

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